Alberta Film Ratings

Alberta Film Classification is the Government of Alberta office responsible for rating films before they are shown to the public. Film Classification is part of the provincial Ministry of Culture. Our mandate is to assist Albertans in making informed and responsible film choices. We operate under the Film and Video Classification Act and Regulations of the Province of Alberta.

Movie classifications or ratings can help film patrons make informed decisions about what is appropriate viewing for themselves and their families. All films shown in public for an admission fee are assigned a classification, otherwise known as a rating.  Film classifications consist of 2 parts – the age-based category and any attached advisories.

Each film's suitability for a specific age group is based on current Community Standards. As such, Alberta Film Classification welcomes feedback from film patrons regarding their thoughts, feelings and opinions about film classification in Alberta. If you are interested in sharing your opinions about film classifications in Alberta or have questions about the film classification process, please contact us directly.

Alberta Film Classification wants to hear your perspective on recent popular films and whether or not they are appropriate for children and youth. Starting in September 2016, we will be hosting movie screenings and discussions at the Film Classification office in Edmonton. Feedback from discussions will help inform policies regarding how films are rated in the province. Honorariums and food will be provided for participants. Please complete this form if you are interested in participating.

Alberta Film Classification accommodates a variety of philosophies, tastes, and lifestyles through the flexibility of classification information. Parents, guardians, and film patrons are expected to exercise individual responsibility and discretion in the selection of movie entertainment for themselves and especially for their children.

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