Patriots Day
(14A) Coarse Language, Gory Scenes, Violence
Drama. After a pair of bombs explode at the 2013 Boston marathon, police officers (Mark Wahlberg, J.K. Simmons) and federal agents (Kevin Bacon) work together to track down the attackers.

Content Elements:
Frequent use of the sexual expletive and variations, some in aggressive or sexual contexts; frequent use of scatological slang; infrequent use of cursing, profanity, and vulgar expressions
Frequent portrayals of gun, weapons, and hand-to-hand violence, some in a terrorism context – some blood and detail
Frequent portrayals of injuries and the aftermath of violence in a terrorism context – blood, dismemberment, and detail
Infrequent portrayals of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substance use in a recreational context

Thematic Elements:
Reactions to terrorism
Strength in community
Heroism and courage

Classification Rationale:
Rated 14A for detailed violence and coarse language in a terrorism context

Classification Date: