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These 61 films have been rated in the last month. Click on the Title for more information about the movie.

TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning TimeDistributor
Peelers  05/26/201796Independent
Sachin: A Billion Dreams  05/26/2017139Video Palace House Of Distribution
Strangers On Earth  05/26/201797Metro Cinema
In Our Hands: The Battle For Jerusalem Gory Scenes, Mature Subject Matter05/25/2017109Cineplex Entertainment
Mummy, The Frightening Scenes05/25/2017110Universal Pictures
Names On The Cup  05/25/2017101Cineplex Entertainment
Rarandoi Veduka Chudham Violence05/25/2017145Edmonton Movie Club
Alone In Berlin Violence05/24/2017103Mongrel Media
Megan Leavey Coarse Language, Violence 05/24/2017115Elevation Pictures
Paris Can Wait  05/24/201793Mongrel Media
All Eyez On Me Coarse Language, Violence05/23/2017139V V S Films
Dear Other Self  05/23/2017107ABS-CBN
Saab Bahadar  05/23/2017109White Hill Production Inc.
Chained Disturbing Content, Coarse Language05/19/201794Independent
Devils, The (1971) [Reclassified 2017] Disturbing Content, Nudity05/19/2017107Metro Cinema
CIA: Comrade In America Violence05/18/2017133Edmonton Movie Club
Lovers, The Sexual Content 05/18/201799Mongrel Media
Wonder Woman Violence, Not Recommended For Young Children05/18/2017141Warner Bros. Entertainment
All Our Father's Relations  05/17/201756Metro Cinema
Family Photo  05/17/20176Metro Cinema
Half Girlfriend  05/17/2017136Video Palace House Of Distribution
Hindi Medium  05/17/2017132Video Palace House Of Distribution
Hockey Night (1984)  05/17/201777filmswelike
Raphael: The Lord Of The Arts  05/17/201783Cineplex Entertainment
Baywatch Coarse Language, Nudity05/16/2017116Paramount Pictures
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie  05/16/20178920th Century Fox
Short Films Of David Lynch, The Disturbing Content 05/16/201752Metro Cinema
My Cousin Rachel Mature Subject Matter05/15/201710620th Century Fox
What A Wonderful Family Substance Abuse05/15/2017102Independent
Commune, The (Kollektivet) Sexual Content, Nudity05/12/2017112Pacific Northwest Pictures
Power To Change: The Energy Rebellion  05/12/201794Metro Cinema
Reel Paddling Fest 2017  05/12/201794Metro Cinema
Risk Coarse Language 05/12/201791Mongrel Media
Sakhavu  05/12/2017142Edmonton Movie Club
Sarkar 3  05/11/2017130Eros Entertainment
Grand Unified Theory Coarse Language 05/10/2017101Independent
Lahoriye  05/10/2017136Independent
Meri Pyaari Bindu  05/10/2017117Video Palace House Of Distribution
Tommy's Honour  05/10/2017113D Films
Population Zero Coarse Language05/09/201783A71 Entertainment Inc.
Wall, The Coarse Language, Violence05/09/201790Elevation Pictures
Hero, The Substance Abuse05/08/201796Independent
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Violence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young Children05/08/2017129Walt Disney Studios
Boston: The Documentary  05/05/2017123Cineplex Entertainment
Demain tout commence (Two Is A Family) Coarse Language 05/05/2017118Independent
Generation Iron 2 Coarse Language 05/05/2017107Cineplex Entertainment
Great Father, The Sexual Violence, Disturbing Content 05/05/2017150Independent
Things We Taught Our Daughters, The  05/05/20175Metro Cinema
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Crude Content05/04/20179120th Century Fox
Seth's Dominion  05/04/201742Independent
This Is Not What I Expected  05/04/2017106Independent
Belko Experiment, The Brutal Violence 05/03/201788Kinosmith
Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 Coarse Language, Violence 05/03/2017126Entertainment One Films
Arjan  05/02/2017149White Hill Production Inc.
Shock Wave Violence05/02/2017118Independent
Baby Driver Violence, Coarse Language05/01/2017112Sony Pictures Releasing
Heidi  05/01/2017111TVA
Green Hell, The  04/28/2017114Cineplex Entertainment
Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent Coarse Language 04/28/2017103Independent
Mayor, The Coarse Language 04/28/2017130Independent
This Is Home  04/28/201752Independent