Reconsideration of Film and Trailer Ratings

Film distributors who disagree with a feature film classification assigned by Alberta Film Classification may request to have the original classification decision reviewed.
A reconsideration request:
  • is automatically granted if three of the other Canadian film classification jurisdictions using the common classification system have assigned an age-based classification that differs from the rating assigned in Alberta 
  • may be granted at the discretion of the Director of Arts Services, Arts Branch, based on the rationale provided by the distributor

A film distributor is required to submit a completed Film Rating Reconsideration Form for feature film requests.

Film Rating Reconsideration Form
The Reconsideration Form contain interactive form fields and is best viewed with the most recent version of Adobe Reader.

The decision to grant a reconsideration will be made by 4:30 p.m. on the business day following receipt of the completed reconsideration request. 

  • Alberta Film Classification does not charge a fee for reconsideration screenings 
  • The distributor must comply with scheduling limitations and provide a copy of the film for the designated viewing date. 
  • Distributors will only be granted one reconsideration screening.

Within three business days of the reconsideration screening, Alberta Film Classification will inform the distributor of the results of the reconsideration.  If the classification has changed, the new information will be posted at

Special Permission for Trailer Exhibition
Alberta Film Classification does not reconsider the ratings assigned to trailers, and no film trailer may be screened that has a higher rating than the film it appears on. However, if a distributor has a business need to place a higher rated trailer on a given feature, the distributor can ask AFC to consider granting Special Permission.

  • both the desired feature film and the specific version of the trailer must be classified before such a request can be considered.
  • AFC staff will consider the likelihood of audience members for the feature being disturbed or surprised by the higher rated content, and will grant Special Permission where appropriate.