Take Part in Film Classification in Alberta

To submit your questions or concerns about film classification in Alberta or about the classification of a specific film, please contact Alberta Film Classification directly.

Film Screening and Discussions Project

Alberta Film Classification wants to hear your perspective on recent popular films and whether or not they are appropriate for children and youth. Starting in September 2016, we will be hosting movie screenings and discussions at the Film Classification office in Edmonton. Feedback from discussions will help inform policies regarding how films are rated in the province. Honorariums and food will be provided for participants.

Please complete this form if you are interested in participating.

Reconsideration Panel Recruitment

From time to time, film distributors disagree with a classification assigned to a film in Alberta and a Film Ratings Reconsideration Panel composed of volunteer community members is convened to view the film and recommend a classification to Alberta Film Classification.  Based on that recommendation, Alberta Film Classification arrives at a final binding decision on the film's classification.

Panel members are chosen based on an interest in or specialized knowledge about film content and Alberta Community Standards. Panel members are often parents, people who work with children or youth, or people with a comprehensive, critical understanding of cinema and semiotics.

Reconsideration screenings take place in Edmonton on weekday evenings.

If you have an interest in volunteering on a future Film Ratings Reconsideration Panel and meet the selection criteria, please complete the online recruitment sheet. If you qualify, Alberta Film Classification will contact you in the near future to confirm your interest and participation.  To answer any questions you may have about volunteering for the Reconsideration process, please contact Alberta Film Classification.

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