Monster Calls, A
(Parental Guidance) Frightening Scenes, Mature Subject Matter
Drama/Fantasy. Based on the novel by Patrick Ness. With the health of his mother rapidly declining, an artistic young boy (Lewis MacDougall) begins receiving visits from a tree monster (voice of Liam Neeson) who tells him stories.

Content Elements:
Infrequent use of cursing and vulgar expressions
Infrequent portrayals of hand-to-hand and weapons violence, some in a bullying context, some in an animated context - some blood, little detail
Infrequent portrayals of monsters, transformations, and nightmarish imagery in a fantasy context - some detail

Thematic Elements:
Coping with loss
The complexities of life
Storytelling and identity

Classification Rationale:
Rated PG for violence and frightening scenes in a fantasy context

Classification Date: