(14A) Sexual Content
Spanish-language Drama. Based on the short stories "Chance", "Soon", and "Silence" by Alice Munro. After discovering the whereabouts of her estranged daughter ( Blanca Parés), a woman (Emma Suárez) attempts to reconnect by writing a letter to her about her own life as a younger woman (Adriana Ugarte).

Content Elements:
Infrequent use of vulgar expressions
Infrequent portrayals of violence in the context of an accident - some wound detail, no blood
Infrequent portrayals of sexual activity - breast and buttock nudity, some detail
Infrequent breast and buttock nudity in a non-sexual context
Infrequent portrayals of tobacco and alcohol use in a recreational context - little detail

Thematic Elements:
Mother and daughter bonds
Coping with loss
Guilt and regret

Classification Rationale:
Rated 14A for portrayals of sexual activity

Classification Date: