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Trailers, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs) are an integral part of the viewing experience at Alberta's movie theatres. Trailers, commercials and PSAs play before feature films; their classifications must be equal to or lower than the film they precede.

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There were 53 films that matched your search criteria. Click on the Title for more information if it is available.

TitleRatingsDateRunning TimeDistributor
Hitman: Agent 47 (trailer B) 03/02/20152:2420th Century Fox
McDonald's "A Place" 03/02/20151Cineplex Media
McDonald's Alberta "Eric" 03/02/20150:30Cineplex Media
Van Gogh (trailer #1) 03/02/20151Cineplex Entertainment
Love & Mercy (trailer #1) 02/26/20151Entertainment One Films
Wrecking Crew, The (trailer #1) 02/26/20152:20Video Services Corp.
Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, A (trailer #1) 02/25/20151:27Video Services Corp.
CTV Calgary News "Tara" 02/24/20150:30Cineplex Media
CTV Edmonton News "Daryl" 02/24/20150:30Cineplex Media
Far From The Madding Crowd (trailer B) 02/24/20152:3220th Century Fox
H&M "Modern Essentials" 02/24/20150:30Cineplex Media
Hansen Ford "Showdown" 02/24/20152Cineplex Media
Insidious 3 (trailer #2) 02/24/20150:54Entertainment One Films
Insidious 3 (trailer #3) 02/24/20150:53Entertainment One Films
October Gale (trailer #1) 02/24/20152:06Pacific Northwest Pictures
Rogers Shomi "Family Free Trial" 02/24/20150:30Cineplex Media
Rogers Shomi "Jane The Virgin" 02/24/20151Cineplex Media
Rogers Shomi "Kids Free Trial" 02/24/20150:30Cineplex Media
Rogers Shomi "Transparent" 02/24/20151Cineplex Media
Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (trailer #1) 02/20/20151:50Independent
Miss Julie (trailer #1) 02/20/20152:01Pacific Northwest Pictures
Run All Night (trailer #2) 02/20/20152:20Warner Bros. Entertainment
Good Kill (trailer #1) 02/18/20151:42Remstar
Water Diviner (trailer #1WB) 02/18/20152:21Entertainment One Films
Woman In Gold, The (trailer #2) 02/18/20151:08Entertainment One Films
Backcountry (trailer #1) 02/13/20151:59D Films
Knight Of Cups (trailer #1) 02/13/20152:13Entertainment One Films
Seymour: An Introduction (trailer #1) 02/13/20151:53Mongrel Media
Ted 2 (trailer #2) 02/13/20152:22Universal Pictures
Merchants Of Doubt (trailer #1) 02/12/20151:52Mongrel Media
Do You Believe (trailer #1) 02/12/20152:14Mongrel Media
National Defense “Canadian Armed Forces” 02/12/20151Cineplex Media
Behind The Beautiful Forevers (trailer #1) 02/11/20150:42Cineplex Entertainment
Wild Tales (trailer #1) 02/11/20152:04Mongrel Media
Age Of Adaline, The (trailer #2) 02/10/20151:24Entertainment One Films
Hunting Ground, The (trailer #1) 02/10/20152:06Entertainment One Films
Insurgent (trailer #4) 02/10/20151:02Entertainment One Films
Cut Bank (trailer #1) 02/09/20152:23Entertainment One Films
Aloha (trailer #1) 02/06/20152:26Sony Pictures Releasing
Cinderella (trailer #3) 02/06/20151:54Walt Disney Studios
English Only, Please (trailer #1) 02/06/20153Independent
Let's Get Married (trailer #1) 02/06/20151:30China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
Lost & Love (trailer #1) 02/06/20151:30China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
Pitch Perfect 2 (trailer #3) 02/06/20152:21Universal Pictures
Shaw Remedy "New Season" 02/06/20150:30Cineplex Media
CBC "X Company" 02/05/20150:30Cineplex Media
Chrysler "Ram Judge" 02/05/20150:30Cineplex Media
Hot Pursuit (trailer #1) 02/05/20152:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
In Her Place (trailer #1) 02/05/20151:50A71 Entertainment Inc.
Magic Mike XXL (trailer#1) 02/05/20151:27Warner Bros. Entertainment
Man From U.N.C.L.E. The (trailer #1) 02/05/20152:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
Pretend We're Kissing (trailer #1) 02/05/20151:20A71 Entertainment Inc.
Trainwreck (trailer #1) 02/05/20152:25Universal Pictures