Recently Classified Trailers, Commercials and PSAs

Trailers, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs) are an integral part of the viewing experience at Alberta's movie theatres. Trailers, commercials and PSAs play before feature films; their classifications must be equal to or lower than the film they precede.

Alberta Film Classification views all trailers, commercials, and PSAs prior to their exhibition in theatres in Alberta. Once complete, those classifications are posted here on our website. However, decisions about when trailers are played in theatres or released online are determined by studios and distributors. These marketing decisions are not managed by our office.

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There were 68 films that matched your search criteria. Click on the Title for more information if it is available.

TitleRatingsDateRunning TimeDistributor
B-Side, The: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography (trailer #1) 04/26/20172:04Mongrel Media
Menashe (trailer #1) 04/26/20172:24Mongrel Media
Beguiled, The (trailer B) 04/25/20172:24Universal Pictures
Hitman's Bodyguard, The (trailer #2) 04/25/20171:36V V S Films
Lahoriye (trailer #1) 04/25/20172Independent
Raabta (trailer #1) 04/25/20172:19Video Palace House Of Distribution
Coke "Summer 2017" 04/21/20170:30Cineplex Media
Mom (trailer #1) 04/21/20171:06Video Palace House Of Distribution
Tulip Fever (trailer #2) 04/21/20172Entertainment One Films
Bad Batch, The (trailer #1) 04/20/20171:48Mongrel Media
Churchill (trailer #1) 04/20/20172:20Mongrel Media
Ghost Story, A (trailer #1) 04/20/20172:15Mongrel Media
Ingrid Goes West (trailer #1) 04/20/20171:08Mongrel Media
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (trailer #1) 04/20/20172:02Walt Disney Studios
American Dream, An: The Education Of William Bowman (trailer #1) 04/19/20171:31A71 Entertainment Inc.
Hindi Medium (trailer #1) 04/18/20172:42Video Palace House Of Distribution
Atomic Blonde (trailer #3) 04/18/20172:52Universal Pictures
Beach Rats (trailer #1) 04/18/20171:05Mongrel Media
Beatriz At Dinner (trailer #1) 04/18/20172:33Elevation Pictures
BMW "Manager” 04/18/20170:46Cineplex Media
Hitman's Bodyguard, The (trailer #1) 04/18/20171:32V V S Films
Lovers, The (trailer #1) 04/18/20172:24Mongrel Media
Paris Can Wait (trailer #1) 04/18/20171:54Mongrel Media
Risk (trailer #1) 04/18/20171:20Mongrel Media
Samsung VR "Do What You Can't" 04/18/20170:30Cineplex Media
Thor: Ragnarok (trailer #1) 04/18/20171:52Walt Disney Studios
Annabelle Creation (trailer #2) 04/13/20172:30Warner Bros. Entertainment
This Is Not What I Expected (trailer #1) 04/13/20171:42Independent
Sled Dogs (trailer #1) 04/12/20171:38Search Engine Films
Transformers: The Last Knight (trailer #3) 04/12/20172:30Paramount Pictures
All Eyez On Me (trailer #2) 04/11/20172:23V V S Films
Big Daddy (trailer #1) 04/11/20172:51Video Palace House Of Distribution
Detroit (trailer #1) 04/11/20172:25Entertainment One Films
Drone (trailer #1) 04/11/20172:13Pacific Northwest Pictures
What A Wonderful Family (trailer #1) 04/11/20172:17Independent
What A Wonderful Family (trailer #2) 04/11/20171:33Independent
Wish Upon (trailer #1) 04/11/20170:52D Films
Cineplex Events Classic Film (trailer #1) 04/10/20171Cineplex Media
Meri Pyaari Bindu (trailer #1) 04/10/20172:02Video Palace House Of Distribution
Your Name. (Kimi no na wa.) (trailer #1) 04/10/20171:41Cineplex Media
Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 (trailer #3) 04/07/20171:15Entertainment One Films
Half Girlfriend (trailer #1) 04/07/20172:47Video Palace House Of Distribution
Mazda "Beauty Matters" 04/07/20170:30Cineplex Media
My Little Pony (Logo Reveal) 04/07/20170:27Entertainment One Films
Justice League (trailer #1) 04/06/20172:25Warner Bros. Entertainment
King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (trailer #4) 04/06/20172:25Warner Bros. Entertainment
Saab Bahadar (trailer #1) 04/06/20170:43White Hill Production Inc.
Disney Conservation Trailer "Learn To Fly" 04/05/20171:30Walt Disney Studios
Interac "Life in Beeps" 04/05/20170:30Cineplex Media
Scotiabank "Downtime" 04/05/20170:30Cineplex Media
Spark (trailer #1) 04/05/20172:20Elevation Pictures
Step (trailer A) 04/05/20172:2120th Century Fox
War For The Planet Of The Apes (trailer G) 04/05/20172:2120th Century Fox
Transformers: The Last Knight (Fan Footage) 04/04/201727:45Paramount Pictures
Dolphins (trailer #1) 03/31/20171:08Walt Disney Studios
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets (trailer #2) 03/31/20172:30Entertainment One Films
Visa “Ideas of Great” 03/31/20170:30Cineplex Media
Atomic Blonde (trailer #1) 03/30/20172:55Universal Pictures
Rough Night (trailer #3) 03/30/20172:13Sony Pictures Releasing
Spider-Man: Homecoming (trailer #3) 03/30/20172:25Sony Pictures Releasing
Audi A5 "Pure Imagination" 03/29/20171Cineplex Media
Baywatch (trailer #3) 03/29/20172:27Paramount Pictures
Ferdinand (trailer A) 03/29/20172:2620th Century Fox
Harvard X92.9 "Ten Years" 03/29/20170:30Cineplex Media
Kia "2017 Sedona" 03/29/20170:30Cineplex Media
Mayor, The (trailer #1) 03/29/20171:03Independent
Prison, The (trailer #1) 03/29/20171:28Independent
Toyota 86 "Fun to Drive" 03/29/20170:15Cineplex Media