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Trailers, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs) are an integral part of the viewing experience at Alberta's movie theatres. Trailers, commercials and PSAs play before feature films; their classifications must be equal to or lower than the film they precede.

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There were 46 films that matched your search criteria. Click on the Title for more information if it is available.

TitleRatingsDateRunning TimeDistributor
One Direction: Where We Are (trailer #1) 08/22/20140:48Cineplex Entertainment
Deewat-E-Ishq (trailer #2) 08/21/20141:46Pacific Eastern Imports
100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared, The (trailer #1) 08/20/20142:04Mongrel Media
Annabelle (trailer #2A) 08/19/20142:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo (trailer #1) 08/19/20142:38Hot Ice Enterprise Ltd.
It Was You Charlie (trailer #1) 08/19/20141:44Independent
Guest, The (trailer #2) 08/15/20142Independent
Little Terrors (trailer #1) 08/15/20141:27Video Palace House Of Distribution
Men, Women & Children (trailer #1) 08/15/20141:52Paramount Pictures
Happy New Year (trailer #1) 08/14/20143:12Pacific Eastern Imports
Swearnet (Alberta Theatre Shout-Out) 08/14/20140:27Entertainment One Films
Pyramid, The (trailer A) 08/13/20142:1820th Century Fox
Guest, The (trailer #1) 08/12/20140:52Independent
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (Extended Content Piece) 08/12/20143:17Paramount Pictures
Maps Of The Stars (trailer #1) 08/12/20141:59Entertainment One Films
Mary Kom (trailer #1) 08/12/20142:46Eros Entertainment
Seventh Son, The (trailer #2) 08/12/20142:04Universal Pictures
We Are The Best! (trailer #1) 08/12/20141:39Independent
Amityville: The Awakening (trailer #1) 08/11/20142:21Entertainment One Films
Best Of Me, The (trailer #2) 08/11/20142:31Entertainment One Films
Beyond The Lights (trailer #2) 08/11/20142:22Entertainment One Films
Hateful Eight, The (trailer #1) 08/11/20141:40Entertainment One Films
Theory Of Everything, The (trailer #1) 08/11/20142:34Entertainment One Films
Maria, Leonora, Teresa (trailer #1) 08/08/20141:03ABS-CBN
My Old Lady (trailer #1) 08/08/20142:18D Films
Telus Western "The Optik Age" 08/08/20140:30Cineplex Media
Virgin Mobile “Red Carpet” 08/08/20140:30Cineplex Media
Dial M For Murder Trailer - Classic Film Series 08/07/20141:10Cineplex Entertainment
Mortdecai (trailer #1) 08/07/20141:14Entertainment One Films
CIFF 2014 Festival Trailer 08/06/20140:15Independent
Whiplash (trailer #1) 08/05/20142:01Mongrel Media
Annabelle (trailer #1 alt) 08/01/20142:14Warner Bros. Entertainment
Before I Go To Sleep (trailer #1) 08/01/20141:30Entertainment One Films
Dear White People (trailer #1) 08/01/20141:01Entertainment One Films
Frank (trailer #1) 08/01/20141:59Video Services Corp.
Nightcrawler (trailer #1) 08/01/20141:26Elevation Pictures
Are You Here (trailer #1) 07/31/20142:21V V S Films
Imitation Game (trailer #1) 07/31/20142:25Elevation Pictures
Life Of Crime (trailer #1) 07/31/20142:03V V S Films
Spongebob Movie, The: Sponge Out Of Water (trailer #1) 07/31/20142:24Paramount Pictures
Swearnet: The Movie/The Captive (combo trailer #1) 07/31/20141:31Entertainment One Films
Hunger Games, The: Mockingjay Part 1 (trailer #3) 07/28/20140:57Entertainment One Films
Irish Pub, The (trailer #1) 07/28/20141:33Fegan Films
Birdman (trailer B) 07/25/20142:3020th Century Fox
Laggies (trailer #1) 07/25/20142:13V V S Films
November Man, The (trailer #2) 07/25/20142:08V V S Films