Recently Classified Trailers, Commercials and PSAs

Trailers, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs) are an integral part of the viewing experience at Alberta's movie theatres. Trailers, commercials and PSAs play before feature films; their classifications must be equal to or lower than the film they precede.

Alberta Film Classification views all trailers, commercials, and PSAs prior to their exhibition in theatres in Alberta. Once complete, those classifications are posted here on our website. However, decisions about when trailers are played in theatres or released online are determined by studios and distributors. These marketing decisions are not managed by our office.

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There were 52 films that matched your search criteria. Click on the Title for more information if it is available.

TitleRatingsDateRunning TimeDistributor
Dressmaker, The (trailer #1) 08/25/20162:20Entertainment One Films
Finding Altamira (trailer #1) 08/25/20161:39Pacific Northwest Pictures
Hacksaw Ridge (trailer #1) 08/25/20162:24Elevation Pictures
Kidnap (trailer #1) 08/25/20162:17Entertainment One Films
La La Land (trailer #2) 08/25/20161:23Entertainment One Films
Operation Avalanche (trailer #1) 08/25/20161:49Entertainment One Films
Pink (trailer #1) 08/25/20162:24Video Palace House Of Distribution
Actor In Law (trailer #1) 08/23/20162:52Video Palace House Of Distribution
Janaan (trailer #1) 08/23/20162Video Palace House Of Distribution
King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (trailer #2) 08/23/20162:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Rings (trailer #1) 08/23/20162:25Paramount Pictures
Sully (trailer #4) 08/23/20162:54Warner Bros. Entertainment
When The Bough Breaks (trailer #2) 08/23/20162:02Sony Pictures Releasing
Hidden Figures (trailer C) 08/19/20162:2420th Century Fox
L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (trailer #1) 08/17/20162:37Independent
Sully (trailer #2 alt) 08/17/20162:02Warner Bros. Entertainment
Tunnel (trailer #1) 08/17/20161:57Independent
"Pitch 10PM" Global TV 08/15/20160:30Cineplex Media
Arrival (trailer #1) 08/15/20162:24Paramount Pictures
Same Kind Of Different As Me (trailer #1) 08/15/20162:22Paramount Pictures
Bad Santa 2 (trailer #2) 08/12/20161:42Entertainment One Films
Blackcoat's Daughter, The (trailer #1) 08/12/20162:10Independent
Cock And Bull (trailer #1) 08/12/20161:22China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
I Belonged To You (trailer #1) 08/12/20161:24China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (trailer B) 08/12/20163:1220th Century Fox
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (trailer #2) 08/12/20162Walt Disney Studios
Snowden (trailer #3) 08/12/20162:19Elevation Pictures
Sully (trailer #2 - IMAX) 08/12/20162:54Warner Bros. Entertainment
Sully (trailer #3) 08/12/20161:58Warner Bros. Entertainment
Aynabazi (trailer #1) 08/11/20161:10Independent
Niyoti (trailer #1) 08/11/20162:01Independent
"Finders Keepers" Winners Windermere 08/10/20160:20Cineplex Media
Dharam Yudh Morcha (trailer #1) 08/10/20162:37Video Palace House Of Distribution
Kong: Skull Island (trailer #1) 08/10/20162:16Warner Bros. Entertainment
Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World (trailer #1) 08/10/20162:22Unobstructed View Inc.
Met HD 2016-2017 Season (trailer #1) 08/10/20161Cineplex Entertainment
Shivaay (trailer #1) 08/10/20163:41Video Palace House Of Distribution
Two Lovers And A Bear (trailer #1) 08/10/20162:03Entertainment One Films
Storks (trailer #3) 08/08/20162:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
"60 Days In" A&E 08/05/20161Cineplex Media
"Fly the Flag" Air Canada Olympics 08/05/20161Cineplex Media
"Olympic Tennis" Bell TYCPO 08/05/20160:35Cineplex Media
"Sweat Better" Scene SportChek 08/05/20160:30Cineplex Media
CIFF 2016 Festival Trailer 08/05/20160:15Calgary International Film Festival
Dunkirk (trailer #1) 08/05/20161Warner Bros. Entertainment
Edge Of Seventeen, The (trailer #1) 08/05/20162:26V V S Films
In Order Of Disappearance (trailer #1) 08/05/20161:57Unobstructed View Inc.
Juste la fin du monde (It’s Only The End Of The World) (trailer #1) 08/05/20161:34Entertainment One Films
Line Walker (trailer #1) 08/05/20160:37Independent
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (trailer #1) 08/05/20162:17Sony Pictures Releasing
Barcelona: A Love Untold (trailer #1) 08/02/20161:16ABS-CBN
Masterminds (trailer #5) 07/29/20162:14Entertainment One Films